Monday, 9 August 2010

SMS mix 18 - The Very Best

This week's SMS mix is a celebration of everything Stop Making Sense is about - amazing, uplifting, innovative, sun-kissed music from around the world - by one of our favourite live acts and headliners of our first festival, The Very Best.

Justly famed for their life-affirming shows, joyous mix of African highlife and crunching beats and eclectic, anything-goes mixtapes, as you'd expect The Very Best's SMS mix is something special...enjoy!

Download: SMS mix 18 - The Very Best


Tinny feat The Very Best, Mo Laudi and Mimitah 'Zingolo'
Los Rakas 'Abrazame' (Uproot Andy remix)
Baaba Mal 'The Miracle' (The Very Best remix)
Manyora 'A Ke Kwisisi'
Amadou & Mariam feat K'Naan 'Africa' (Radioclit remix)
Magnetic Man 'I Need Air'
Afrikan Boy 'Pass Out'
Teachers 'Gold'
Staff Benda Bilili 'Marguerite'


  1. Link not working :(

  2. Not sure why that happened. Link is working again now :)