Monday, 22 March 2010

SMS mix 01 - Russ Jones

The first in our weekly series of exclusive Stop Making Sense mixes from the great and the good playing at this year's festival is a genre-trashing, hip-grinding, ghetto-rousing, pan-global mash-up of street-born styles from Colombian cumbia to Balkan reggae via a fast-becoming legendary Mexican remix of Vampire Weekend, courtesy of the nifty eye-wear-sporting Hackney Globe Trotter himself, Russ Jones.

Download: SMS mix 01 - Russ Jones

01. Benjamin Zephaniah 'Slow Motion Radiovox'
02. Spiteri Spiteri 'Soul Inside'
03. Batida Dance Mwangolé 'Alegria'
04. DJ Mujava 'Mugwanti/Sgwejegweje' (Schlachthofbronx remix)
05. Gipsy Kings feat. Analogik Lions 'Malente & Dex'
06. Genghis Clan Vs Riva Starr 'Jump Up' (Mambo Jumbo remix)
07. Rubi Dan 'Funky Dip'
08. Systema Solar 'Sin Oficio'
09. Afrodita La Reina del Palenke 'La Cumbia del Pasoncito'
10. George Danquah 'Hot And Jumpy'
11. Bolga Zohdoomah 'Jingo'
12. Brassroots 'Misirlou'
13. Vampire Weekend 'Cousinz' (Toy Selectah Mex-More remix)
14. DJ Farrapo 'Swingy Mama'
15. Teleport Massive Feat. Zumbi of Zion 'Bassnectar Cozza Frenzy'
16. Mahala Rai Banda 'Balkan Reggae'
17. Willie Colón 'La Murga'
18. Trebol Clan 'Fuga'
19. Vampire Weekend 'Diplomat's Son'
20. Alika y Nueva 'Para Bailar Cumbia' (El Hijo de la Cumbia remix)
21. Sekreto 'Gota' (El Hijo de la Cumbia remix)
22. Corazon Enamorado 'Calixto Ochoa'
23. Juan Piña Y Sus Muchachos 'Abran Rueda'
24. Sierra Leone's Refugee All-Stars 'Jah Come Down'

We caught up with Russ for a few words about the mix, what you can expect from his Saturday afternoon beach bar set at Stop Making Sense and why sunrise is a quasi-religious experience, of sorts...

Tell us about the mix you’ve recorded for Stop Making Sense...
"I tried to record this mix five times live on my laptop but after too many crashes finally gave in to putting it together in Ableton - talk about pulling teeth! But I am really happy with the outcome and it's something a little bit different - a reflection of what I am playing in the clubs and on my radio show. Not all bangers but great and varied music from around the world both new and old."

Any exclusives or particular favourites on there?
"Where do I start? Love all these tracks or otherwise they would not be in the mix. Dj Farrapo's 'Swingy Mama' is pretty exclusive, 'Sistema Solar Sin Oficio' is a really big tune for me over the last few months. Love the two Vampire Weekend tracks. Toy Selectah's mix is a killer and Diplomat's 'Son' is great piece of modern pop. 'Slow Motion Radiovox' by Benjamin Zephanai is an amazing remix by what has to be one of the most talented producers out there at the moment, Corin from Latin Dub. Keep an eye on him, he is about to take right off. 'Soul Inside' by Spiteri is great piece of Latin rock reissued by Vampi Soul via London and Venezuela circa 1973. I've never put a rock track in a mix before but this one is a winner and it's well worth checking the album."

What current artists are you drawing inspiration from right now?
"All the ones mentioned above, Franco, Lucho Bermudez, Skitz, Bootlegumachine, Schlachthofbronx, Douster, all the releases on Soundway Recordings,so many amazing live bands in London- Yabaa Funk, Conjuto Sabroso, Los Chinches, Hackney Empire, Brassroots and it goes on..."

Who are you most looking forward to seeing play at Stop Making Sense?
"Never checked out Carl Craig before so that should be cool, Son of Dave always turns in a great show and to see The Very Best for the first time will def be something to look forward to."

Any unusual festival tips?
"Wellingtons? Think we will need them in Croatia? Would be unusual but best to be prepared. Once in a queue to get on plane with a guy who had his own life jacket. Did he know something I didn't? Not sure, but he was prepared!"

Where will we find you at sunrise on Sunday morning?
"Getting ready for Sunday mass. What else..."

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  1. your stuff... as the cumbia representative in london...I was wondering...are you familiar with the cumbia villera from south america?