Monday, 29 March 2010

SMS mix 02 - Allez Allez

With their fingers firmly on the pulse of what's hot and what's not, tastemakers and blog legends Sam Willis and Steve Nolan aka Allez-Allez play an inspired mix of disco, electro, kraut and techno.

Reflecting their broad musical tastes, and love of dancing, the Allez-Allez blog is a home from home for their friends and heroes' amazing podcasts - which have included the likes of Prins Thomas and Joakim.

At this September's Stop Making Sense festival, Allez-Allez will be blowing out in style at their very own Friday evening boat party and a sure-to-be-special set on the main stage come Saturday.

Taking in old-school Chicago house, New York post-punk and ambient electronica, Allez-Allez' exclusive SMS mix is an ear-caressing delight. Dive in kids, the water's warm...

Download: SMS mix 02 - Allez Allez


01. House Machine 'AC'
02. Erotic Dissidents 'Shake Your Hips'
03. Allez-Allez 'Weird Science'
04. Force Of Nature 'To The Brain'
05. Jay Shepheard 'End Of Part One'
06. Anthony “Shake” Shakir 'Frenchie'
07. Clyde ft. Capitol A 'Serve It Up' (Brooks hip-house mix)
08. Adonis 'Two the max'
09. Luke Abbott 'Whitebox Stereo'
10. Suicide 'Touch Me'
11. Mense Reents 'This is the way'
12. Juana Molina 'Dar (qué difícil)'
13. Aphex Twin 'Nanou 2'

We caught up with Sam and Steve to find out more...

Tell us about the mix you’ve recorded for Stop Making Sense...
"Steve did the first half, Sam did the second... this always works well for us as it keeps us inspired and means that we try and pack in as many great tracks to our 30 minutes each."

Any exclusives or particular favourites on there?
"The mix contains 'Weird Science' which is a track from our forthcoming EP for the awesome NYC based label RVNG Intl. and ends with the beautiful solo piano piece 'Nanou 2' from Aphex Twin's Drukqs album."

What current artists are you drawing inspiration from right now?
"We're big admirers of Matias Aguayo, Optimo and Nathan Fake so we're really happy to be playing alongside them on the SMS bill. In terms of recorded stuff, we're particularly enjoying Mount Kimbie and of course Sam's forthcoming Walls project on Kompakt!"

Who are you most looking forward to seeing play at SMS?
"Apart from the ones mentioned above I'm pretty excited to check Theo Parrish out for the first time. Also Carl Craig and Juan Atkins - you can't beat the godfathers!"

Any unusual festival tips?
"Don't forget to hit the beach, and to bring a good set of earplugs!"

Where will we find you at sunrise on Sunday morning?
"Gazing at the horizon, sipping a beer and thinking how lucky we are to be doing this!"

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