Monday, 12 April 2010

SMS mix 03 - Cal Jader vs Latin Dub Soundsystem

So, here it is people...the third in our weekly series of exclusive Stop Making Sense mixes is an amazing, riotous soundclash of tropical street styles courtesy of Movimentos' Cal Jader and the appropriately named Latin Dub Soundsystem, both of whom will be mashing it up in a cumbian-dub-dancehall-tropical style at Stop Making Sense this summer.

Download: SMS mix 03 - Cal Jader vs Latin Dub Soundsystem (tracklisting below)

We caught up with the Cal and Corin (LDSS) themselves to find out more...

Tell us about the mix you’ve recorded for Stop Making Sense...
Cal: This mix is the first ever from me, The Sea and Cal Jader.
Corin: We both playout alot together, and thought it was about time we combined our forces as an entity. It's a real mix-up, ranging from more traditional Latin floor fillers, to Cumbia dubstep, with lots of exclusive mashups which you only hear when we're DJ'ing.
Cal: It was a chance to combine loads of stuff that i've been DJing out recently alongside a whole load of Latin Dub exclusives but with And it was nice to do it in the old mixtape style with just 1 or 2min excerpts from each track, so it's just a taster really.

Any exclusives or particular favourites on there?
Corin: Some of my favourites are the Cumbia deathface remix of MIS, and the Dub Killer Combo track. I'm a dub head, what can I say! Also on this mix is a raw mix of one the tracks which will be on the new Latin Dub album due out in the autumn, featuring Malena from Actitud Maria Marta, and a never before heard Latin Dub remix of one of the tracks I produced for Benjamin Zephaniah a while back.
Cal: Yeah very happy about the track with Malena on as she is a friend of mine and it was nice to hook that up and make the link with Argentina and the UK. There's two unreleased Frente Cumbiero (colombian / Argentinian new Cumbia crew) tracks which are total killers. And have to shout the one like Lorenzo for his Latin Dub productions Gnawa and his dub mix of Elvis Crespo's Suavemente.

What current artists are you drawing inspiration from right now?
Corin: At the moment I'm mostly studio bound, but drawing inspiration from some new old reggae I've just been given, not an easy task, and some of new Dubstep bits Daddy Skitz has just passed my way.
Cal: For the dancefloor Colombian act Systema Solar, Argentina's Frikstailers, loads of Cumbia stuff. Some great new material from revolutionary Venezuelan Salsa-Hip Hop act La Redonda. And the most interesting album i've heard lately is by Argentinian artist Axel Krygier (currently unreleased in the UK). And i'm constantly inspired by Fania Records stuff, people like Hector Lavoe, and tradtional Colombian stuff like Toto La Momposina.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing play at SMS?
Cal: Alongside the tropical rhythms of The Very Best and Toy Selectah i'm a big fan of Theo Parrish. Also one of my favourite bands from the London scene Longjon La Flecha are playing, highly recommended!

Any unusual festival tips?
Corin: My number 1 festival tip is bin bags. For everything. Trust me even in sunny Croatia, you can't go wrong with a couple of em on your person. And lots of gaffer tape, do with it as you wish!

Where will we find you at sunrise on Sunday morning?
Corin: I'm hoping that sunrise Sunday morning will find me floating in the sea, or up a tree, hopefully with some like minded souls! I love watching the sunrise, especially when you're off Daddy duties, bring it on, I say!
Cal: Asleep!

JLG – La llave de mi Corazon (Latin Dub edit)
Captain Planet – Fumando
Immortal Technique – Unknown
Latin Dub Soundsystem - Gnawa
Major Lazor – Cashflow (Subskrpt remix)
Frente Cumbiero – Para Todas
Vampire Weekend – Cousins (Toy Selectah remix)
Arcade vs Spank Rock (Villa Diamante edit)
Hijo de La Cumbia – Tu, tu Quien eres?
Latin Dub Soundsystem – Runaway
Alika y Nueva Allianza – Dem Got No Love
Sabo – Currura
Sekreto– Gato (Hijo de La Cumbia remix)
Latin Dub Soundsystem - Quicksilver
Koala ft Paco Mendoza – Vengo
Ska Cubano – No me desesperes (Latin Dub Chan Chan mix)
Celia Cruz – Rumba (Latin Dub re-rub)
Manjinga 7 – Cumbia de Colombiana (Latin Dub edit)
Frente Cumbiero – Guacha Ride
Frikstailers – Mateina
Sonora Dinamita - Mover a la Colita (Edit)
Systema Solar – Quien es el Patron?
EC – Suavamente (Latin Dub Soundsystem remix)
Eric Bobo – Muevelo
EC – Suavamente (Latin Dub remix)
Sergio Mendes - Magdalenha riddim vs Busy Signal - Up in Your Belly
Sabo and Cassady - Muevete
Danny Lenn - El Horoscopo (Latin Dub edit)
Dub Killer Combo – Unknown skank
Bouzou Bajoo ft Top Cat – Killer
Zulu 9.30 – A los Son (Latin Dub bruk mix)
VV ft Julio Padron – Do Me Right
Debruit - Nigeria What?
Malente and Dex - Lions (Douster remix)
Schlatofbronx – Good To Go
Latin Dub Soundsystem ft Malena (Actitud Martia Marta) – Muevete
Mexican Institute of Sound – Cumbia (Deathface remix)
Benjamin Zephaniah – Uptown (Latin Dub mix)
Proyecto Secreto – Olivida Todo

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