Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Friendly Fires: life's a beach

Following last week's hugely popular SMS mix (stream below!) we caught up with Friendly Fires' drummer and resident DJ Jack Savidge to find out how channeling the spirit of Carl Craig, Justin Timberlake and Black Sabbath is going on the recording of their new LP and why wet wipes are this season's essential festival must-have...

Summer's coming, what's on the agenda?
"Playing music in a few fields, and more work on our forthcoming second album."

Tell us about your latest projects?
"Our new album is perhaps just over half done, and sounding great. We've got a few other exciting things in the FF factory pipeline which I'd love to tell you about, but you'll have to wait for the official announcements. Apologies."

What current artists are you drawing inspiration from right now?
"Personally, Tony Allen. As for the whole band, so far on our new recordings we've been channeling Depeche Mode, Carl Craig, Black Sabbath and Justin Timberlake."

What are you favourite/biggest tunes of the moment?
BDI - City & Industry
Wild Geese - Labyrinth
Omar S - Feeling You (Henrik Schwarz mix)

What can we expect from your show at Stop Making Sense?
"Disco, House and Techno from 3 and a bit decades, probably a Friendly Fires remix or two if we're in the mood, and at least one howling error which I will attempt to laugh off and/or blame the equipment for."

Who are you most looking forward to seeing play at the festival?
"Juan Atkins, Carl Craig, Robelledo and Optimo."

Any unusual festival tips?
"Wet wipes."

Where will we find you at sunrise on Sunday morning?
"Having a quiet word with myself in the bathroom."

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