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SMS mix 08 - Slutty Fringe

So, here we go again...another week, another exclusive hot-mix from the considerable pool of musical talent set to bring down the rafters at Stop Making Sense this summer.

Deck duties on SMS mix 08 fall to much-respected blogger, label runner, club promoter and, of course, taste-making DJ Slutty Fringe, a sun-drenched selection of Balearica and modern disco featuring choice cuts by the likes of Prins Thomas, Todd Terje, Aeroplane and more - full tracklisting and interview below...

Download: SMS mix 08 - Slutty Fringe

Tell us about the mix you’ve recorded for Stop Making Sense...
"Well this is about the 4th attempt at it, in 15 years of DJ'ing I think I've recorded about 3 mixes in total, every time I sit down to do one I end up getting too carried away, trying to create something completely epic and heroic and then get bogged down in the details. Like for this I must have tried about 5 completely different mixes, from pure ambient through to acid house, via god knows what. In end after looking around and realising I was sat in a room surrounded by about 400 records all spread over the floor I just selected a dozen or so tracks I've played recently, got any notion of fancy edits or messing around with software out of my head and just did it as I would a live set."

Any exclusives or particular favourites on there?
"Nothing too exclusive I’m afraid but certainly some of my favourites, I've wanted to sneak To Rococo Rot's 'Telema' into a mix for some time, and I had to get something by Joakim in there, probably one of my favourite producers of all time."

Summer's coming, what's on the agenda?
"Sweating in an office for most of it probably. Still hopefully I’ll shed some of my wintry palour. If all goes to plan I'll get out to a few festivals this Summer, I usually try to get to Standon in the UK, and then I'll probably do Soundwave before finishing the summer in style at SMS. And of course I’m looking forward to seeing England crash in the 2nd round of the World Cup."

Tell us about your latest projects?
"Well, our label, Hot Pockets is going gangbusters, we've just put out our 4th release, a little yellow 7" by this amazing pop band from Brighton :Kinema:. That's a lot of work, money and effort but just about worth it in the end. That moment it arrives from the pressing plant, it's just the best feeling and generally lasts right up till you get your first royalty statement through. Then I think my next major project is a complete redesign of the Slutty Fringe site, we redesigned it last year, but it was only really cosmetic, the plan now is to sit down and really look at just what we can and want to do with all the tools available to us. We really do live in an astonishing time, it's easy to forget sometimes how easier it is to be creative these days. My aim is that later in the year we'll start producing our own little 30 minute shows. The fact that we can do all that with some cheap equipment and lots of good will I still sometimes just find staggering. It's taken me a long time to fully realise that you really can have a go at anything you want, you have to be a bit bloody minded about it. Once that's done it's time to go back to basics, I've just started a little publishing company and hopefully will put out a couple of books by some friends, and hopefully produce a print version of Slutty Fringe, I still love creating things that you can actually hold in your hands.'

What current artists are you drawing inspiration from right now?
"You know after feeling a bit jaded for a while, the past 6 months has been really inspiring musically, people like Walls, The Chap, Grovesnor, have all put out amazing albums this year. Then in the clubs you've got people like Hot City, or the whole Night Slugs crew redefining house music, and there’s still more amazing disco records coming out than I think anyone really knows what to do with. I just think it’s a really great time for club music again."

What are you favourite/biggest tunes of the moment?
"At home I can't stop playing 'Even Your Friend' and 'We Work in Bars' off the new Chap album. Club wise... Leo Zero has been knocking out these amazing hip-house re-edits recently that are just perfect in every way, and something like the recent 2 Bears EP, I think that’s the first record for ages that I’ve ever played every track off the EP in one set, so, so good."

What can we expect from your show at Stop Making Sense?
"Well, I think I'm on about lunch time/early afternoon on the Saturday and I was out at Petrcane last summer and know that the Croatian midday sun is pretty fierce, so I'll just keep things nice and gentle. Lots of dubby disco, ambient pop and Balearic tracks, music for people to slowly get their heads together for the day and night ahead."

Who are you most looking forward to seeing play at the festival?
"Oh too many, it's such a great lineup. I mean take your pick Optimo, Allez Allez, The Very Best, it's hard to choose. Look at the Secretsundaze stage, you could just spend the whole day there, I can't wait for Carl Craig's set, that will be really special under the stars."

Where will we find you at sunrise on Sunday morning?
"You know, I'd love to say i'll be there giving it 'big box, little box' on the beach, but I'm not a young blade anymore and I desperately need all the beauty sleep i can get, so I'll probably be tucked up in bed somewhere snoring contentedly."

SMS mix 08- Tracklisting:

Goldfrapp - Happiness (BTWS Edit)
Antenna - Camino Del Sol (Joakim Remix)
Chaz Jankel - Glad To Know You (Todd Terje Edit)
Memory Cassette - Surfin (Sail A Whale Version)
James Yuill - This Sweet Love (Prins Thomas Sneaky Edit)
Sebastian Tellier - Kilometre (Aeroplane Remix)
To Rococo Rot - Telema
Tiger & Woods - Deflowered
Steelers Wheel - Stuck In The Middle With You (Todd Terje Edit)
Phenomenal Handclap Band - You'll Dissapear (Munk Remix)
Daft Punk - Harder, Faster, Stronger, Better (Dave Wrangler Remix)

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