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SMS mix 11 - The Worm

Describing themselves as "A twenty first century mix of Mali blues, reggae and garage.... Bassekou Kouyate and Bob Marley jammin on Mozart tunes in MJ Cole's studio in Bamako with Aretha Franklin, Aesop Rock and Dizzee Rascal", The Worm will be tearing it up live at our first ever Stop Making Sense festival in Croatia this September.

Inspired by old-school garage and Jamaican dancehall as much as African highlife, if you like Radioclit then you'd do well to check this lot out too - their exclusive SMS mix, a summation of their wide ranging tastes, is an absolutely corker, a perfect soundtrack for summer in the city...

Download: SMS mix 11 - The Worm

We caught up with the band to find out more...

Summer's coming, what's on the agenda?
"Standard missioning across the fields of the UK in a souped-up Toyota Previa with far too much sub. As well as SMS we've got a nice range of festivals - We'll be at Sunrise (Saturday 6th June, Triban stage, midnight) Glastonbury (The Hub, Thursday 6pm, Small World, Sunday midnight), Beat Herder (Friday 2nd July), Lovebox (Friday 16th July, 4pm, Jose Cuervo Stage), Secret Garden Party (Planet of the Antics, Saturday 24th July, 7pm), Grassroots Feastival (Friday 3rd September). We're also co-curating one of the big areas at Secret Garden Party (formerly Valley of the Antics, now 'Planet of the Antics') and we run our Wormfood parties at Passing Clouds every two months - next one Saturday 3rd July with Violentango from Argentina, plus The bPm....."

Tell us about your latest projects?
"Working on this Mixtape! We've been playing live shows as The Worm for 3 years now (percussion, violin, vocals and now laptop), but since getting more and more involved with programming and promotion, I (Andre) have started dabbling in the dangerous world of DJing under the nickname Bobby Gandolf......   I'm still RUBBISH at mixing but I rate my taste in music! So as well as improving the live mixing side of things, I've been working with Worm laptop wizard Nick Bentley to make a mixtape on Ableton that will showcase some of the sounds we like and also just to give people something nice to enjoy the summer!

"We're starting to play out as Worm Soundsystem/ Bobby Gandolf ft. Billy "Brassiere...We're also beginning to work on some production for other vocalists.... there are loads of amazing Jamaican MCs around Hootananny Brixton, where I put on nights, especially Clint, who sells the jerk chicken in the beer garden.... so we're starting to make some tracks to feature some of those guys...."

What current artists are you drawing inspiration from right now?
"Been getting into dancehall the last year or two, partly thanks to the amazing inspiration of The Heatwave. As well as being a phenomenal DJ and remixer, he is super on-it with the blogs and is always giving away tunes on his website and facebook. And they are always hot! Definitely feeling Busy Signal and the way he seems to embrace loads of different styles (like his remix of Sergio Mendes' 'Magalenha' which features on our mixtape). Also everyone bringing in credible global elements while maintaining a sound that can make a club crowd move.... people like RadioClit, Buraka Som Sistema, Toy Selecta, Renaissance Man....."

What are you favourite/biggest tunes of the moment?
"Been getting right back into the old-school garage of my teens. Remembering tunes like 'Neighbourhood' (on our mixtape as Zed Bias' 'I Feel Good' remix), 'Battle' (Wookie, also on our mixtape), MJ Cole's 'Sincere', etc. But there are still loads of amazing tunes which don't seem to have resurfaced. 'What You Want' (Industry Standard), 'The Dreem Teem Theme' (Dreem Teem), 'Closer Than Close', 'Masquerade', 'Gunman' etc. Looking forward to somebody giving those a 21st-century workover..."

What can we expect from your show at Stop Making Sense?
"A big rowdy mix of sweet African grooves, soulful female vocals, jumpy energetic percussion and plenty of bass." 

Who are you most looking forward to seeing play at the festival?
"We're only going to be there on the Sunday so not sure who we'll catch, but Radioclit have been a big inspiration for us, and I'm really feeling Toy Selectah right now! Always love Cal Jader and Russ Jones' DJ sets as well..."

Any unusual festival tips?
"Peanut butter and bananas go a long way. And it's always fun chopping things with an oversized knife. I have a ridiculously large kind of hunting knife which I always take to festivals, it's so much fun to chop cheddar with. Let alone spread peanut butter. Careful with the airport security though..."

Where will we find you at sunrise on Sunday morning?
"Unfortunately, at Gatwick Airport looking extremely bleary eyed after running a stage at the Grassroots Feastival near Cambridge, but looking forward to catching our flight and getting some much needed sunshine Croatia festival vibes!"

SMS mix 11 - Tracklisting

1. The Battle - Wookie (feat. Lain)
2. Insane - The Bug feat. Warrior Queen
3. You Got the Love - The XX/Florence and the Machine
4. I Feel Good - Zed Bias
5. To the Rescue - Prince Zimboo
6. Feel Me - Rod Lee
7. Kpako Solo - Boni Gnahoré
8. Body Baby - Pharoahe Monch (Count of Monte Christo remix)
9. Love on the Brew - The Worm (Lee Sparey remix)
10. Gangster - Mask
11. General - Buraka Som Sistema
12. Temperature/Sirens - Sean Paul/ Hard House Banton (Heatwave refix)
13. Take it Higher - Hotsteppa @ Funky Allstars
14. Bucovina - Shantel (Felix B Basement Mix)
15. Cumbia - Harry Choo Choo Romero
16. Up in Her Belly/ Magalenha - Busy Signal/Segio Mendes
17. Oy You Coy Girl - The Worm (Honey Weasel refix)
18. Nookie - Jamesy P
19. 1er Gaou - Magic System

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