Thursday, 3 June 2010

Richard 'Time and Space Machine' Norris: exclusive new mix for FACT magazine

Richard Norris aka the Time and Space Machine aka one half of Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve (with Erol Alkan), has done a mixtape for FACT.

An altogether cosmic affair that spans psychedelia, Balearic, prog, kraut and disco and is a perfectly pitched indicator of what you can expect from Norris' set at Stop Making Sense this September. With the sand between your toes and waves lapping up to shore in the background, it should go down a treat...

Norris has been entertaining us all year with his Fantasy Island sessions at London’s Camino Bar, and this year released the first Time and Space Machine album, following mini-LPs Volume One (2008) and Volume Two (2009).

Download: The Time and Space Machine in the mix for FACT


1. The Loaded Angels – Aquarius Rising (from ‘Jack The Tab’)

2. Alan Hawkshaw – Rumplestiltskin

3. Warm Sounds – Nite Is A Coming

4. Jaqueline Tiaeb – 7 Heures

5. Jabberwocky – Alice OST

6. George Romanos – Two Little Hours

7. River Theme (T+SM Edit)

8. All Along The Watchtower – Savage Grace

9. Prelude – The Millenium

10. Zoltan The Mynd Reader

11. Fine Jung Thing – The Electric Flag

12. The Oud and the Fuzz – John Berberian

13. Love Like A Man – Helmuth Brandenburg

14. Hard Time – A Time and Space vs Cherrystones edit

15. The March Of The Chessmen – AliceOST

16. Tarot Theme – Andrew Bown

17. Buffalo Roam (T+SM Edit)

18. June – Nirvana

19. Bonus

20. Bernard Fevre – New From Tomorrow (T+SM Mix)

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